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Anti Racism Resouces and Events 2015-2016

Have you ever wondered how to plug into the anti racism work of the Eastern Diocese of Massachusetts? Our very own Rev. Liz Magill collected a list of resources and events so you wouldn't need to! Here you will find resources and upcoming events in 2015 and 2016. If you know of others that are not listed, please let us know! 

Say Their Names

Being named is powerful. In one simple gesture dignity saturates the statistic. The number takes on flesh. It takes on a history of a life, of being loved, and a lineage of ancestors. Being named is to belong and to be known. It signifies that the person being named matters--their life matters. 

Ten Tech Tricks

Rev. Liz Magill shares her funny and insightful tech tricks! She is not a young whipper snapper or someone who is always on some gadget, but what she is passionate about learning and has a sense of adventure, the perfect person to write this article about tech tricks!

Creating tangible connection through video chat!?!

Diane D'Souza, director of the Mission Institute, explores how video chat has deepened relationships and create connection with people in her city, around the country and the world! 

Hacking General Convention

Hacking at General Convention might be a little like a pop-up mission project. And a lot like just being church.

Technology: Cultivating Community and Collaboration

We sent an email out to people asking what they loved about community and if it was possible to create it online. The answers we received back were fascinating! Do you agree?

Google Hangout: One Church's Story

The Mission Institute believes that online tools can increase collaboration and extend community. That is why we offer workshops to help congregations get connected through free video conferencing or learn programs that allow real-time collaboration across distance. Boston's snow-bound winter made it difficult for people to gather, including for church worship​. However, the people at All Saints in Brookline didn't let snow get in their way. They turned to Google On Air Hangouts for help. Check out their story and the join them in worship by watching the video! 

Being Church: A Video Parable Study Series

Being Church Study Series, a collection of video parables set within thought provoking, spiritually rooted content that can assist congregations and Christian communities to deepen their own commitment to and journey into being Church today.

Leading from the Side: Follow Other Leaders

Rev. Liz concludes her blog series on "Leading from the Side" with a challenge to follow other leaders.  Often times it is difficult to fall back and take your turn as a follower, especially if you have been looked to as a leader. However, the cycle between leading and following is a necessary one. What are the challenges of following and leading? How do you do both well?



Leadership From the Side: Patience

Last week Rev. Elizabeth Magill challenged us to claim our power and authority.  This week she walks us through change and how often times it is slow work.  Have you experienced change in quick, abrupt moments or have they come gradually with time? 

Leading from the Side: Authority and Power

Last week Rev. Elizabeth Magill introduced us to Leading from the Side, this week she explains how we are all called to lead and to claim authority and power. How have you claimed authority and power in your own context? Let us know by commenting on our facebook page! 

Leading from the Side

Stepping into any type of leadership, whether at work or the church, takes courage. Some of people would rather not be a leader. While others don't claim a title of leadership but quietly do the work in the background. What if people were able to look at leadership from the sides and what it means to claim such a role? The Rev. Elizabeth Magill, Program Coordinator for the Mission Institute and Lifelong Learning at the Episcopal Divinity School, introduces us to the model of leading from the sides and the courage it takes to say yes. And stay tuned next week when she offers wisdom on authority and power in leadership and why it makes people feel uneasy.  

Power and Pentecost

We are now over a month into the season of Pentecost and the Spirit is moving in full force. It’s powerful and invites all of us to step into that power. For the next five weeks the Mission Institute will feature five articles about power, leadership and the Holy Spirit. To start it off Isaac Everett, the Crossing’s Minister of Liturgical Arts, shares with us a beautiful understanding of the Holy Spirit in his community.

Wild Geese

You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.

Suffering and Resilience

Suffering can feel like wrestling a relentless opponent through a night that never seems to end. Not only is our strength and courage tested, our bodies are inscribed by the struggle, leaving us marked by our wounds.