coming soon: What helps us survive tragedy and trauma? Where do we gain the resources to move forward as individuals and communities? What makes people or groups more vulnerable to adversity? How can we strengthen and support people’s capacity to be resilient?

We help adults and young children develop resiliency skills. Children learn
resiliency skills by watching adults model them. This simple idea is
backed by 30 years of research and is the cornerstone of our approach. 
We teach adults the skills they need to handle life's challenges with
resilience and show them how to pass those skills along to children. 

Being Church is a six-part video parable study series created by the Mission Institute in collaboration with the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Christian congregations and communities can use the thought provoking, scripturally rooted content to deepen their journey into being Church. Central to the series are stories of people engaged in the transformative and often difficult work of building community right where they are.

The desire for dignity is universal and powerful. It is a motivating force behind all human interaction—in families, in communities, in the business world, and in relationships at the international level. When dignity is violated, the response is likely to involve aggression, even violence, hatred, and vengeance. On the other hand, when people treat one another with dignity, they become more connected and are able to create more meaningful relationships. Surprisingly, most people have little understanding of dignity, observes Donna Hicks in this important book.