White People Challenging Racism

Who are they?

A grassroots course co-led by a network of facilitators who first took the class and then were invited to co-lead it. WPCR seeks to build a racially just society through providing the information, skills, and resources needed to spur people to action in standing up against racism. People of all heritages are welcome to join us as we focus on the role of white people in dismantling racism.  

The five-part workshop consists of weekly two-hour meetings over the course of five weeks. Workshops are led by pairs of facilitators and aim to help participants gain the racial self-awareness needed for genuine participation in multiracial communities. Through readings, exercises, discussion, and real world assignments, participants’ build skills and confidence in confronting racism. The course strives to be timely, thought-provoking, and action-oriented.The course has drawn more than 1,500 participants since it was first offered in 1999.

Why would you go to them?

  • If you are sick of the tension that can fill the room when racism rears its head, and would like to develop your own or your church’s capacity to speak up effectively against racial bias.
  • If you struggle to understand the role you as a white person can have in dismantling racism and building a just society.